Zhiyuan Robotics of Qianxi Group is a high-tech research institute for smart catering robots and technologies.

Guangdong Zhiyuan Robotics Co., Ltd.

Zhiyuan Robotics breaks through the interdisciplinary dilemma brought by the segmentation of various fields from multiple R&D approaches. Aiming for high-quality final production, Zhiyuan Robotics solves technical problems with trans-boundary stereoscopic thinking and realizes the actual iterative evolution on robotics catering.

Zhiyuan Robotics focuses on R&D of full-scale robotics systems and provides solutions for digitization & standardization of cooking management and whole-process tracing capability. Meanwhile, Zhiyuan Robotics is building an optimized channel among customers, food and robots with ant-colony style food delivery system, based on time optimization and integration of artificial intelligence, voice interaction and smart image recognition technologies.

With the help of robotics research work, Zhiyuan Robotics has carried out technological innovation on the kitchen system in terms of automation, intelligence and standardization to improve dining pleasure and reduce the health risks in the whole cooking process between people and food. As far as the cooking environment is concerned, the regular lampblack working environment that people participate in has been transformed into a cuisine preparing scenario composed with automatic and smart robots. It truly provides healthy, delicious, safe, abundant food and comfortable dining experience for customers, and more efficient and considerate full-process service for chefs.

So far, Zhiyuan Robotics is involved in the R&D and application of many catering robots, and 61 categories of self-developed robotics equipment and systems have been deployed in use. Clay-pot Robot Container, Burger Robot, Ice-Cream Robot and Coffee Robot have entered the mass production stage. In the future, Zhiyuan Robotics will keep working on developing more categories of catering robots, providing application scenarios for research fellows, cultivating robotics talents in all-round way, supplying new emerging forces for robotics industry and improving the overall industry level of robotics at the same time.

  • Burger Robot (Premium ver.)

    It is very flexible, serves in a 24/7 and contact-less way and holds at a time ingredients for 360 pieces.

  • Clay-pot Robot (Premium ver.)

    It has 36 automatic clay pots, holds at a time ingredients for 128 pieces and serves in a 24h and contact-less way.

  • Ice Cream Robot(Cartoon Ver.)

    Children can watch the whole making process and enjoy fresh, multi-flavor ice creams from this unattended, contact-less and frog-like machine.

  • Ice Cream Robot (Standard Ver.)

    Children can watch the whole making process and enjoy fresh, multi-flavor ice creams from this unattended, contact-less machine with a 24”screen for ordering.

  • Fresh Ground Coffee Robot (Premium Ver.)

    You can get a cup of Gold Cup, freshly ground coffee in 90 seconds from this 24/7 machine with world-leading milk foam technology.

  • Fresh Ground Coffee Robot (Standard Ver.)

    You can see the whole making process and enjoy freshly ground, silky coffee with this 24/7 machine occupying less than one ㎡.

  • Fresh Ground Coffee Maker (Under Cabinet Standard Version)

    It can make 16 kinds of hot or cold freshly ground coffee drinks and has a 27”LED for ads and ordering.

  • Fresh Ground Coffee Maker (Under Cabinet Window Version)

    It can make 16 kinds of hot or cold freshly ground coffee drinks and you can get an immersive experience through the window for the grinding process.

  • Cotton Candy Robot

    As an IoT robot under real-time monitoring, it can fully automatically make and sell cotton candy in 18 forms.

  • Fresh Ground Soybean Milk Robot

    It is an unattended robot with built-in automatic disinfection system and can prepare you freshly ground five-grain milk immediately.

  • Popcorn Robot

    As China’s first interactive, intelligent microwave popcorn maker, it can offer popcorn in 12 flavors with accurate temperature control.

  • Fully Automatic Cooking Robot

    It can load, fry ingredients and clean itself automatically, and always prepare quality dishes with accurate temperature control.

  • Burger Robot (Standard ver.)

    It can fully automatically make and pack multi-flavor hamburgers, bread, meat pies and vegetable sauces.

  • Spicy Hot Pot Robot

    With algorithm-based distribution, automatic cooking and intelligently controlled power, it can offer you personalized taste.

  • Fried Snack Robot

    Fully automatic cooking with accurate temperature control and multiple bins which can hold at a time ingredients for 210 pieces.

  • Automatic Smart Steamer

    It is an all-in-one device which can store, cook ingredients, keep food warm and deliver food. It can simultaneously cook multiple dishes and hold at a time ingredients for 216 pieces.

  • 1st-generation Noodle Robot

    It is a flexible, convenient, efficient device with quick-disassembly design for easy cleaning, bowl sensor and anti-dry protection. It can be operated with one click.

  • 2nd-generation Noodle Robot

    It is a highly automatic, easy-to-use, reliable device which can automatically lay a bowl and pour noodles, and boil noodles and add soup with one click.

  • Cloud Rail System

    With multiple layouts, overhead rails and trolleys needing no charge, it can serve you warm food in a dust-free and accurate way.

  • Automatic Ice Maker

    It can produce ice/water/ice water with one click, be supplied with drinkable tap water or barreled water, disinfect itself automatically and make ice in a wide range of temperatures.

  • Fried Snack Robot

    This unattended robot can serve you healthy, delicious fried food in 14 seconds after you make an order.

  • Fresh Ground Coffee Robot (Multi-function Ver.)

    This unattended device offers you freshly, well ground cold coffee in over 10 different flavors.