• Bartending Robot

    The bartending robot can meet the actual needs of the customer and the specific amount of raw materials added, so as to achieve multi-functional and efficient fully automated cocktails of various types.

  • Marshmallow Robot

    24/7 continuous operation; 18 marshmallow appearances available; High display interactivity; Built-in self-cleaning function.

  • Cooking Robot

    Chinese cuisine cooking expert; Fully-automatic integration; High cooking stability; Precise temperature control.

  • Clay-pot Robot Container

    4/7 continuous operation; Contact-less serving; 36 clay pots cooking simultaneously; 20 spots for heat-preserving.

  • Mini-Ice Cream Robot

    24/7 continuous operation; Pre-cooling freshness keeping; Contact-less production; 6 flavors available.

  • Coffee Robot

    24/7 continuous operation; Contact-less production; 100% freshly brewed; 110 servings available per reloading.

  • Burger Robot Container

    24/7 continuous operation; Contact-less serving; Flexible & convenient; 300 servings available in refrigeration per reloading.

  • Noodles Robot

    24/7 continuous operation; Fresh-prepared noodles; Boiled in soup-stock; Compatible for any boiled-cooking food.

  • Beverage Robot

    Humanoid facial expressions; Autonomous navigation & obstacle avoidance; Child lock & safety protection; Autonomous recharging at low battery level.

  • Hot-pot Cloud Rail

    No charging required for rail carts; Ceiling transportation; Dustproof & heat-preserved; Point-to-point delivery.

  • Catering Robot

    Autonomous navigation & obstacle avoidance; Multi-deck smart opening & closing lid; Dustproof & heat-preserved; Humanoid facial expressions; Autonomous recharging at low battery level.

  • Greeting Robot

    Autonomous navigation & obstacle avoidance; Smart voice interaction & facial recognition; Humanoid facial expressions & body movements; Autonomous recharging at low battery level.

  • Hot-pot Smart Catering & Delivery System

    Automatic recognition, cold storage, contact-less catering, high interactivity.

  • Robotics Snack Station

    24/7 continuous operation; 12 baskets frying simultaneously; Independent oil temperature control; 200 servings available in refrigeration per reloading.

  • Smart Cashier

    Real-time synchronization of menu database; intelligent image recognition and processing; Remote DevOps; Membership management system available.

  • Cloud Track System

    Automatic route planning; Ceiling transportation; Dustproof & heat-preserved; Smart obstacle avoidance.

  • Soymilk Machine

    24/7 continuous operation; 12 flavors available; smart & fresh production; 175 servings available per reloading.

  • Clay Pot Robot

    The clay pot robot consists of cold storage, equipment cooking, auxiliary two-armed robots, a 24-cooker rice cooker, and a meal dispenser.

  • Dessert Robot

    The dessert robot project is an integrated robot with a fully automated and unmanned beverage preparation and ice-cream making.

  • Ice Cream Robot

    24/7 continuous operation; Pre-cooling freshness keeping; Contact-less production; 6 flavors available.

  • Greeting Robot

    Greeting robots provide more vivid human-computer interaction experience, and realize the function of entertainment or explanation by scene.

  • Fast Food Sorting Robot

    Fast food sorting robots can automatically identify different orders and realize automatic food dispensing by mechanical arms to reduce cross contamination from human delivery contact.


Zhiyuan Robotics of Qianxi Group is a high-tech research institute for smart catering robots and technologies.

Guangdong Zhiyuan Robotics Co., Ltd.

Zhiyuan Robotics breaks through the interdisciplinary dilemma brought by the segmentation of various fields from multiple R&D approaches. Aiming for high-quality final production, Zhiyuan Robotics solves technical problems with trans-boundary stereoscopic thinking and realizes the actual iterative evolution on robotics catering.

Zhiyuan Robotics focuses on R&D of full-scale robotics systems and provides solutions for digitization & standardization of cooking management and whole-process tracing capability. Meanwhile, Zhiyuan Robotics is building an optimized channel among customers, food and robots with ant-colony style food delivery system, based on time optimization and integration of artificial intelligence, voice interaction and smart image recognition technologies.

With the help of robotics research work, Zhiyuan Robotics has carried out technological innovation on the kitchen system in terms of automation, intelligence and standardization to improve dining pleasure and reduce the health risks in the whole cooking process between people and food. As far as the cooking environment is concerned, the regular lampblack working environment that people participate in has been transformed into a cuisine preparing scenario composed with automatic and smart robots. It truly provides healthy, delicious, safe, abundant food and comfortable dining experience for customers, and more efficient and considerate full-process service for chefs.

So far, Zhiyuan Robotics is involved in the R&D and application of many catering robots, and 61 categories of self-developed robotics equipment and systems have been deployed in use. Clay-pot Robot Container, Burger Robot, Ice-Cream Robot and Coffee Robot have entered the mass production stage. In the future, Zhiyuan Robotics will keep working on developing more categories of catering robots, providing application scenarios for research fellows, cultivating robotics talents in all-round way, supplying new emerging forces for robotics industry and improving the overall industry level of robotics at the same time.