Qianxi Robotics Group

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Country Garden founded in 2019, Qianxi Robotics Group (Qianxi), mainly driven by intelligent technology, is an innovative comprehensive high-tech enterprise committed to injecting more advanced technological and cultural factors into diversified catering services.

Qianxi has gathered top talents in the industry, with over 80% of its core team having a master’s or doctoral degree, and invested heavily to engage in the R&D and application of catering robots. By September 2021 more than 1,000 patents had been applied for and over 80 robotic devices and software systems had been developed. Qianxi has a smart factory covering an area of 85,000m2 and equipped with 14 semi-automated production lines which can annually produce 60,000 catering robots of various kinds. Meanwhile, Qianxi has built its own centralized kitchens and a traceable agricultural product supply system which integrates all agricultural resources of the Country Garden and strictly controls the source to ensure quality, committing itself to providing society with healthy, hygienic, delicious, fast and affordable cuisine by using select ingredients and adopting intelligent cooking technology. 

Qianxi has innovatively rolled out a “6+1” smart catering business model combining Chinese food, hot pot, fast food, clay pot rice, rice noodle and spicy hot pot with a specific kind of robots respectively. Currently over 2,500 catering robots, covering four series, namely Mengleduo robots, service robots, coffee robots, and the league of robotics, have served in such areas as tourist attractions, shopping malls, supermarkets and transport hubs in 29 provinces or municipalities across the country. Nearly one hundred robotic restaurant chains of 6 brands including Foodom, Baoshishang[M1]  and Noddle Man have opened in ten cities in the Pearl River Delta region. 

Looking forward, Qianxi will continuously take R&D as its cornerstone to make robots a vehicle for catering standardization, to establish an industrial chain covering