Qianxi Robotics Group

Qianxi Robotics Group was founded in 2019, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Country Garden. Qianxi Robotics is an innovative comprehensive high-tech enterprise driven by intelligent technologies, which is committed to applying advanced technologies and cultural propositions to diversified catering services.

  Qianxi Robotics is making every effort to establish the leading robotics restaurant chain brand in China, and planning to build its own central kitchen and supply chain system for agricultural products. Its mission is to provide healthy, delicious, convenient, affordable and tech-empowered food to the whole society with the best ingredients and cooking techniques, through integrating agricultural resources of the entire group, strict control of quality & food sources and whole-process tracing capability. Qianxi Robotics is creating and promoting smart dining environments with abundant food categories and bright-tidy cleanliness all over the world.

  Qianxi group has invested heavily in the establishment of robotics research institute to undertake core research and development of robotics technologies in restaurant application scenarios. Through gathering robotics professionals and talents, 87% of the core research team has Doctoral or Master’s degrees, and keep collaborating with top universities on robotics research. As of October 2020, Qianxi robotics group has filed more than 600 patent applications and possessed 80+ kinds of self-developed robotics equipment and software systems, which 60+ robotics systems have been deployed in multiple restaurants, including hot pot, Chinese cuisine, fast food,clay-pot rice and noodles.

  As of October 2020, 14 entity robotics restaurants have been officially opened for business. In 2020, the robotics clay-pot restaurant is being refined for mass production and nationwide expansion plan. In the future, Qianxi Robotics Group is devoted to provide high-quality dining experiences for customers with the finest food materials, superb robotics craft and innovative business models, and promote the full-scale development of robots in catering business.