YouBiSheng of Qianxi Group is a high-tech research institute for voice interaction and image processing technologies.

Guangdong YouBiSheng Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangdong YouBiSheng Technology Co., Ltd.

YouBiSheng is established in the forefront of acoustics studies and cooperating with institutions like Chinese Academy of Sciences and Northwestern Polytechnical University. Its mission is to achieve efficient and direct human-computer interaction by conducting researches on signal processing, voice interaction and image processing, etc.

YouBiSheng is mainly engaged in the design of human-computer interaction solutions and product designs with independent intellectual property rights in multiple scenarios, including but not limited to smart restaurants and smart hotels, etc. It creates the optimized human-computer interaction bridge between food and customers by building a whole-process management system with automatic orders dispatching, autonomous navigation & obstacle avoidance and autonomous recharging. Meanwhile, it also provides a full-scale multi-vehicles scheduling & dispatching solutions to allow multiple robots to coordinate and work together within enclosed space and improve the operation efficiency for the restaurant.

The company focuses on core voice interaction technologies, such as front-end signal processing, speech recognition, natural language processing and speech synthesis, etc; also deeply studying image processing algorithms on facial detection and recognition. The human-computer interaction is performed to the full potential through the parallel collaboration of voice interaction and facial recognition. Human-robot interaction is achieved by applying the simple and direct way of “speaking” and “observing”; and finally to realize the great dream of robots helping or replacing human labor for heavy and complicated tasks and step into the real robotics era.

At present, YouBiSheng has been involved in many business scenarios, such as restaurant, hotel and smart home, covering various smart products like greeting robots, catering robots, beverage robots, tableware recycling robots, hotel service robots and smart speakers, etc. It will continue on R&D work and enriching application scenarios in the future.
  • Beverage Robot

    Humanoid facial expressions; Autonomous navigation & obstacle avoidance; Child lock & safety protection; Autonomous recharging at low battery level.

  • Catering Robot

    Autonomous navigation & obstacle avoidance; Multi-deck smart opening & closing lid; Dustproof & heat-preserved; Humanoid facial expressions; Autonomous recharging at low battery level.

  • Greeting Robot

    Autonomous navigation & obstacle avoidance; Smart voice interaction & facial recognition; Humanoid facial expressions & body movements; Autonomous recharging at low battery level.