BiJiaShunChu is a supply chain subsidiary of Qianxi Robotics Group, which conducts whole-process control management based on advanced technologies and intelligent systems.

BiJiaShunChu Food Technology (Guangdong) Co., Ltd.

The company has already built a modern experimental central kitchen of 2,000 square meters in Shunde so far. Furthermore, the large scale central kitchen of 60,000 square meters with its own quality control system has been put into use in Mayong Town, Dongguan City to ensure food hygiene, safety and quality. In the mean time, an independent supply system is established by integrating the origin procurement advantages of Country Garden Agricultural Company. It will ensure the stability, safety and hygiene of food supply for multiple varieties of robotics restaurants.

Through the integration and deployment of different technologies and functional steps, BiJiaShunChu has solved the whole-process food tracing problem from the origin. The central kitchen conducts overall and precise control of products beginning with food materials, and applies scientific methods and modern processing equipment, to ensure the standard and hygienic safety of food processing. It provides a smart, efficient and overall upgrading solution for potential risks and problems in regular central kitchens, such as sanitary, transportation and quality control, etc.

BiJiaShunChu central kitchen system is capable of accurate tracing of multiple sections, including:Traceability from food to specific numbering tools;Traceability from cooking tools to storage racks of cooking materials;Traceability from storage location to central kitchen;Traceability from food products to production date, location, staff and quality inspectors of the central kitchen.
  • Laboratory

    All raw materials are tested

  • Vegetable Sink

    Mechanized standard production

  • Packing Room

    100,000 class purification workshop

  • Cooked-Food Workshop

    Processing of raw materials