BiYouWei is a comprehensive catering brand company of Qianxi Robotics Group, whose business covers building catering system and establishment & operation of catering brand, etc.

Guangdong BiYouWei Catering Co., Ltd.

The business covers catering system building, catering brand building and operation. Through the integration of new intelligent technology and robot technology with different foods and cultures of different categories and regions, a more distinctive, healthy, quality, efficient and delicious food brand with a sense of technology are created. It covers Chinese food, fast food, hotpot, noodle, pot rice, intelligent drinks and other different food categories, and will continue to research and develop more different food categories in the future.

Catering Brand
Tianjiangmeishi Robotics Chinese Restaurant
  • Tianjiangmeishi Robotics Chinese Restaurant is a high-tech Chinese food catering brand originating from Shunde, gourmet capital of the world. With the help of top 10 chefs in Shunde, the restaurant integrating the idea of intelligent cooking with robotic technology to automatically cook tasty traditional Chinese food.
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  • Sticking to the operation philosophy of “making freshly boiled noodles in tasty broth from authentic ingredients”, we focus on building Noodle Man into a Chinese fast food brand providing hygienic, tasty and affordable noodles and rice noodles in an efficient way.
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Bihaowei Robotics Burger Restaurant
  • Bihaowei is committed to enabling everyone to easily get delicious burgers made by robots.
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Baoshishang Robotics Clay Pot Restaurant
  • Baoshishang Robotics Clay Pot Restaurant aims to serve customers traditional taste with fine workmanship. With the help of top chefs in Shunde and integrating the idea of intelligent cooking with robotic technology, it intends to build itself into a standardized, high-tech, fashionable Chinese fast food brand focusing on healthy, quality and tasty clay pot cuisine made by robots.
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Ai Lil-Robotics Hot Pot Restaurant
  • All technologies serve to realize hotpot freedom! Guided by the healthy diet philosophy of “one small pot for one person”, black technologies are adopted in Ai small pot to deliver the freshest food materials and all types of delicious food for the consumers. “More than a pot of Ai (love) will be offered to you”!
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Guodaheng Robotics Malatang Restaurant
  • Unique robotic arm operation that controls everything with one arm; Rich soup base and food materials offer collocations as you wish.
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