BaoShiShang Robotics Claypot Restaurant

Integrating multiple robotic technologies and the idea of intelligent cooking of Qianxi Robotics Group, and guided by top chefs in Shunde, Baoshishang Robotics Clay Pot Restaurant is a new category in robotic restaurants featuring health, quality, efficiency and taste.


Clay pot rice robots are one of the first important products developed by Qianxi Robotics Group and have been widely used. In February 2020, Qianxi Robotics Group donated two batches of container-type clay pot rice robots and ingredients to provide COVID-19 response medical workers with hot meals in a contactless, 24/7 way. As a new robotic restaurant brand, Baoshishang represents an upgrade from container-type clay pot rice robots to robotic clay pot restaurants. Taking its self-developed clay pot cuisine made by robots as core products, it aims to be a standardized, high-tech, fashionable brand for healthy Chinese fast food.


Equipped with clay pot rice robots, noodle robots, ice cream robots, smart steamer and intelligent visual recognition system, it is a convenient, efficient, safe and hygienic restaurant. It has invited top Shunde chefs to ensure the cooking skills of robots, so as to empower traditional Chinese food with technology and serve tasty, standardized, quality dishes.

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