Tianjiangmeishi Robotics Chinese Restaurant

Tianjiangmeishi Robotics Chinese Restaurant is a main high-tech Chinese food catering brand developed and operated by Guangdong Biyouwei Catering Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Qianxi Robotics Group. Empowered by robots with intelligent, efficient cooking techniques, it can automatically cook tasty traditional Chinese food.


Top 10 chefs in Shunde have been invited to guide the R&D process so as to ensure the flavor of dishes and achieve a perfect combination of Shunde cuisine and robot cooking. The standardized production of traditional Shunde dishes perfectly blends high-tech elements, intelligent catering with Shunde cuisine culture.


The restaurant draws on several self-developed intelligent devices to bring brand-new solutions. To enable robots to cook dishes in an efficient and standardized way, superb cooking skills of top chefs have been decoded and encoded, and thousands of experiments and adjustments have been conducted, serving efficient, hygienic, healthy, tasty and high-tech cuisine to customers.


The whole cooking process is controlled according to scientific data to ensure efficient serving of standardized dishes. With stir frying, frying, steaming, pot boiling, stewing and other cooking techniques, the restaurant offers both northern and southern Chinese food suitable for all ages. 



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