The Noodle Man is a new Chinese fast food brand operated by Qianxi Robotics Group. Sticking to the operation philosophy of “making freshly boiled noodles in tasty broth from authentic ingredients”, it is committed to providing hygienic, tasty and affordable noodles and rice noodles in an efficient way.


Authentic Ingredients·Fresh & Thick Broth

Stew meat and bones for 8 hours to completely extract their essence.

Additive-free, soft, tasty rice noodles made through 6 processes-selection, soaking, grinding, molding, cooling and drying.

Big-slice freshly marinated pasture beef.


Noodle Man: taste of home, unforgettable flavor

At peak hours, Noodle Man serves customers a bowl of noodles or rice noodles at affordable prices and in an efficient way, giving them a warm and convenient dining experience and reminding them of the taste in memory.


Inheriting: southern rice noodles and northern noodles in multiple flavors

Noodle Man, blending noodles or rice noodles, the main course, with other ingredients, fully inherits and demonstrates the essence of southern rice noodles and northern noodles which have a history of 4000 years. With best possible processes, from stewing, boiling to topping, Noodle Man aims to provide noodles and rice noodles in rich flavors to let customers understand the charm of noodle culture.


Taste of home: A bowl of rice noodles or noodles reminds you of the unforgettable taste of home.

Whether your are far away from home or are struggling for life, Noodle Man gives you the taste of home and happiness-unforgettable flavor deep in memory-with a bowl of rice noodles or noodles.

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