Ai Lil-Robotics Hot Pot Restaurant

  Ai Lil-Robotics Hot Pot Restaurant represents one of the most important categories that Qianxi Robotics Group takes the lead to operate. With the stability and safety of food quality as the prerequisite, the restaurant follows the healthy diet philosophy of “one small pot for one person”, and uses black technology to provide consumers with the richest food materials and the newest way of cooking. The restaurant features service robots. Besides, it uses receptionist robots, intelligent food pairing systems, logistics transmission systems, beverage robots, ice cream robots, and meal delivery robots.

No matter who you are, a meat lover or a vegetarian, a person who fancies strong flavors or has wild imaginations. Walking into the Ai small pot, you would be able to enjoy high-tech hotpot experience, and a unique hotpot style. This is more than a performance show featuring robots and automation; it is the right for each of “you” to satisfy your hotpot desire and realize freedom.

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