Guodaheng Robotics Malatang Restaurant

Guodaheng Robotics Malatang Restaurant empowers traditional Chinese delicacies through the world’s first self-developed Malatang robot. The brand new intelligent way of cooking offers highly technical and unique dining experience to consumers.


All kinds of fresh, hygienic, and exquisitely selected food materials are delivered through the intelligent central kitchen. Malatang robot can automatically weigh and settle accounts with smart, unmanned operation throughout the entire process. Bright kitchen delivers healthy food efficiently. 


Malatang 3.0: Intelligence + Catering, the mover of “0” person involvement in the industry steers the course for Malatang’s future!

The world’s first self-developed Malatang robot empowers traditional Chinese delicacies with automatical weighing, soup selection and settlement, and convenient and unmanned operation throughout the entire process. 2×6 boilers operate at the same time, with intelligent algorithm distribution and efficient cooking. Fast, standard, and visualized 4-minute cooking. Every second is controlled by the diners. The hygienic and safe operation room is bright and clean with zero contact. 7×24 hours full-time service delivers every moment of warmth.

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