Guarding Innovative Achievements, Braving Intellectual Summits|Qianxi Robot Catering Group held October Staff Meeting today

On the morning of October 12, Qainxi Robot Catering Group held a general staff meeting in Phoenix Grand Theater. The meeting commended 14 excellent employees and invited representatives to share their knowledge on the basics of intellectual property protection. Ms. Qiu Mi, the general manager of Qainxi Robot Catering Group attended the meeting and gave a speech.

Qiu Mi made a speech

Guarding innovations and reaching intellectual heights

(Qiu Mi made a speech)


States and enterprises

Shouldering responsibility and shining as an ordinary man with love.

It took seventy years to achieve rejuvenation, from independence to wealth and power, from making changes to creating miracles!

As for the just passing National Day, Qiu Mi said excitedly that many of us have experienced the three eras of 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, and we had experienced the changes of each era, truly feeling that only when the country was strong, the homeland could be strong.

She said that "patriotism education has penetrated into the heart of every one of us, so we should inherit and adhere to the unyielding faith of our motherland and let our products stand in the international stage.


"Real history lies dormant in the everyday lives of civilians." According to Qiu Mi, “The real history is all around us and lies in the perseverance and hard work of each individual. And sometimes as we see the country’s progress, we can see the advance we make at the same time. My mother couldn't have imagined I would be in robotics. A lot of colleagues’ majors don't coincide with their current positions, but everyone who is devoted into a certain field can become an expert.


The past of Qianxi Robot Catering Group

Persevering through thick and thin, let the wind blow from east, west, north, south and south

When reviewing the past development, Qiu Mi said, " It took Qianxi Robot Catering Group 150 days to set up five subsidiaries, seven restaurant formats, a team of more than 700 people and stores from scratch with more than 200 patents applied for. We are growing as fast as the eye can see," she said. “With the opening of two stores at our headquarters, we are beginning to face the tests and doubts of the market, but we must face every suggestion objectively, with the full understanding that this is market where  we must do everything we need when faced with cold, rational and brutal competitions "


In response to some doubt, she continued, "A lot of people are asking whether we are ultimately a technology company or a catering company, that is, whether we are selling technology, machines or selling food. To be precise, anything that can generate sales and profits will be good business, so why do we care whether we are selling machines or selling technology or selling food? "


The future of Qianxi Robot Catering Group

The tide is peaceful and the banks are broad and wide. Hereby the wind is blowing and the sails are hanging.

Qiu Mi mentioned the words of the Chairman of the board of directors of the Country Garden Group, Yang Guoqiang, who often says, "We are born at the right time - to open robot restaurants all over the world". She said frankly that if it had been ten years ago, we would not have had this condition, and our main business in Country Garden would not have been supported so robustly, but today we have the right timing, the right location and the right people, and there is no excuse for us for not doing well at this stage.

Our business gives us an opportunity to realize our social value as well as our self-worth. "To be an A-share listed company of which the Country Garden is proud!"


The hope of the team

Patience, confidence, passion, affection

Qiu Mi shared four quotes with us, "If the future waits for one person must wait with patience when the promising future has not come yet." She said that if when others are not patient enough with us, it's because they don't know us, and we need to be more patient with ourselves.

"Confidence, in many times, is more important than gold." We have to believe in our R & D team and we also have to believe in our management team. Certainly we will make mistakes and encounter difficulties in the process of growth, but as long as we are patient and wait for the right time and persist, we will be able to achieve success.

" Passion is more important to realize the challenging mission." Qiu Mi encouraged all colleagues in the company, “ there are many things you don’t have the confidence to do nor have enough patience to wait. It depends on your love and passion for the business, so having this passion can make you believe in your deeds and give you the confidence to do well.

"How can you say that you have no clothes when you can share yours with me?” Qiu Mi told everyone, "The family bond may be innate, or it may be formed slowly, in short, there is the power fate to make us sit together, and I hope that in the following time you can support everyone around as usual."

(The achievements are shown in the video during the meeting)


(Many employees couldn't help but be moved to tears during the viewing)

The one who wants the same thing wins, and the one who helps others in the same boat wins. Qiu Mi especially mentioned the hard work and encouraging results of the Central Kitchen team and the team behind the Chinese restaurant. In order to inspire all the staff, the company invited everyone to watch the promotional video of the Chinese restaurant for the first time, and also played the short film of the achievements of the Central Kitchen and the stores, which moved many staff to tears.

Qiu Mi encouraged everyone to be open-minded to the opinions of their friends, family and neighbors, with the hope that the whole company would work together to make the big F banner of Qianxi Robot Catering Group.

Ceremony to award semi-annual outstanding employee

(Group photo for award)

The 14 employees who obtained the semi-annual outstanding performance of Qianxi Robot Catering Group came on stage together and received the honorary certificate from general manager Qiu Mi and R & D dean Yan Weixin.

The worker, Mr. Ye, a representative of excellent employees, shared his ideas

The representative of outstanding employees, Mr. Ye shared his favorite quote, "Struggling feet blaze a creative path while treading their own hotbeds." He transformed from a person not knowing "stir pan " when he entered the company into a researcher who successfully invented the stir pan of the fourth generation after undergoing a lot of pressure and changes in between. He told his colleagues about how he almost burst into tears out of excitement when he had finally made the first stir pan.


Mr. Ye lamented that our equipment was becoming more and more advanced in the iteration as we are becoming better and better in our efforts, so our company will become stronger and stronger under our push.

(The worker, Mr. Wang, a representative of excellent employees, shared his ideas)

The worker, Mr. Wang, a representative of excellent employees, shared his experience and feelings since he entered the company. He said that on the first day he entered the company, he remembered a picture of the ten key qualities of excellent talents. He shared four points of understanding, namely, cultural identity, consciousness to make refined products, being proactive, and teamwork.

(Rabbit is plucking carrots)

Through this picture of a bunny pulling a carrot, Mr. Wang said that on the path of science and technology, we are never afraid of being questioned about how technology can change our lives, and we may have great difficulties and resistance now, but as long as we persist, we believe we can reap greater achievements

Basic Knowledge of Intellectual Property Protection

(Ms. Yan promotes awareness of intellectual property protection)

In order to increase the awareness and broad the knowledge of intellectual property protection among the company's employees, a full-scale lecture about intellectual property protection was given at the conference.

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