Qianxi Robotics Group Wins Two iF Design Awards!

       Recently, Qianxi Robotics Group’s Foodrop System and Claypot Packing Bowl won service design award and packaging design award respectively as the winners list of the iF Design Award unveiled. The iF Design Award has long been hailed as “the Academy Awards in the world of design”.

Foodrop System

Foodrop System, a set of system that delivers dishes via rails overhead, has been applied in five Foodrop robot restaurants.

AGV car carries the dishes made by robot chefs, automatically delivers them to a place right above the customer’s dining table via the overhead transparent rail and land them at the table, bringing customers delicacies dropped from the sky: a pleasant surprise.

       The overhead rail makes the best of the restaurant space, and the fully automated dish delivery effectively saves labor and resource costs and reduces risks of cross-contamination caused by human interactions, ensuring efficient and hygienic dish delivery.

Claypot Packing Bowl


Claypot Packing Bowl uses eco-friendly packing materials newly designed by Qianxi Robotics Group.

With the shape of a Chinese traditional claypot, the exterior design takes the unique Chinese character “” (claypot) as the brand element. The modern, simple, and elegant style brings out what’s unique about the claypot.

Meanwhile, packing buckles, a bowl support and packing straps are affiliated to make sure the food is properly stored, insulated and packed.

       Qianxi Robotics Group has been using eco-friendly materials. With cane syrup as the main material, the packing material can degrade completely under national conditions, which helps mitigate plastic packaging’s harmful effects on the environment.

iF Design Award


iF Design Award, “iF” for short, was founded in 1953. The award ceremony is held annually by Germany’s oldest industrial design institution-iF Industrie Forum Design. IF is internationally recognized as one of the prestigious awards in the field of contemporary industrial design. iF, Red Dot (Red Dot Design Award), and IDEA (International Design Excellence Awards) are the world’s top 3 design awards.

This year, iF invited 91 international and independent design experts to evaluate nearly 10,000 works from 52 countries and regions.

The two awards indicate that Qianxi Robotics Group boasts highly innovative design, quality products and social responsibility. The company also enjoyed increased influence and popularity in the field of industrial design. Moving forward, Qianxi Robotics Group will continue to be innovative and create more valuable and high-quality products for the society.