The first robotic claypot rice restaurant in Daliang of Shunde Distrcit, sharing the “claypot warmth” with you!

In the harsh frost and weather, and in the infected area of Hubei shrouded by the epidemic, there is a stalwart and warm figure holding fast to its post, providing free hot meals for medical and nursing staff 24 hours a day. Seemingly unimpressive, but touching our heart, it is the "anti-epidemic pioneer", and also "stomach guard" - the claypot robot!

On August 18, it was first set up in Daliang with more refined 18 kinds of "cooking skills", which is inherited from Shunde, to share "a pot of warmth" with the public. Take a bite of warm claypot rice to warm your soul!

How did it acquire the 18 kinds of "cooking skills"?

Shunde is the "hometown of Chinese chefs". From ancient times, there have been many famous chefs. As a “disciple” of Shunde's famous chefs, the clayport robot is born from the core R&D  team of the QIANXI GROUP, where Doctor and Master consists of 80%. It has been trained with high IQ iterations since infancy. There are 40 stoves all over the body and can withstand temperatures up to 350°C.

The claypot robot is a Virgo perfectionist, strictly controlling the ratio of rice and water weight of 5:6, and the speed of meals can reach 100 servings per hour. The unique self-invented closed-loop temperature control technology accurately control the temperature difference within 5 ℃ every second. Each of these dishes produces the "essence of the claypot", a perfect layer of scorched rice to the thickness of a grain of rice.

Rice & Clay Pot - A Good Taste of the World

There is no ingredient like Cantonese claypot, where the unique flavor carefully seeps into the rice and holds up a pot of richness.

"The aroma of rice, the flavor of oil and the scorching aroma brought out by the fire" outlines the happiness and joy of ordinary days, carrying the memory of the taste from my mother and her strong love.

A good base of rice is the foundation of pot rice. Compared with other types of rice, See-mew rice is slender and long, with less white heart, crystal clear, and the rice grains are streaky without being rotten, which has strong absorption. Whether it is the sweet and moist fragrance of preserved flavor or the salty fragrance of sauce, it will be absorbed and transformed into a pot of rice with extra points.

Open the lid, sprinkle some green onions, pour a few spoonfuls of Cantonese cuisine chef's exclusive "tailor-made" sauce, the sound of the zipping sound will make diners’ mouth water.  Soft and smooth, oily but not greasy, the flavors complement each other.

The robot in pursuit of food fashion not only safeguards the eternal ancient taste, but also develops more new flavors.


Clay Pot Rice Series:

Clay Pot of Crispy Eel in Black Bean Sauce

Clay Pot of Spareribs in Black Bean Sauce

Clay Pot of Beef with Egg

Clay Pot of Chicken and Mushroom

Clay Pot Dish Series:

Goose with Five Tastes of Taro

Salted Pork Bones with Chinese Yam

Jelly Chicken

Original Soup Series:

(Silk) Noodle Series:

Steamer Series:

For the nutritious and delicious food cooked in a pot, you can definitely feel the warmth of the food. On August 18, "Clay Pot Fashion" will meet you at Daliang Jaxin City Plaza.