"Try harder! Make fresh and cheap dishes."

On the morning of October 17, Yang Guoqiang, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Country Garden Group, and his team came to inspect the first central kitchen of Qianxi Robot Catering Group, accompanied by Qiu Mi, General Manager of the group, and Xiao Ran, Deputy General Manager of the group, to inspect and participate in talks.

(Inspecting the production workshop)

Yang Guoqiang and his team have inspected the central kitchen unpacking room, clean food cutting and mixing room, research and development room, packaging room, warehouse, laboratory and other production workshops. In the workshop, he urged the team present to pay attention to the cross-contamination problem and do a good job of health management.

After visiting the production workshop, Yang Guoqiang had an in-depth discussion with the central kitchen team. He instructed that the health and hygiene of the food is a key thing to consider, that It is important to ensure the source of ingredients, plan ahead to ensure a long-term supply, know how to use seasonal vegetables and fully understand the market.

Regarding the dishes, Yang Guoqiang also stressed that he hopes the dishes we produce are simple, delicious and nutritious. The delicious dishes will be shown by combining robot technology. He used a bone broth as an example to discuss with the R&D chefs in the room and asked them to test out a delicious bone broth recipe.

In the end, Yang Guoqiang encouraged the team to adjust their mindset, enrich the dishes, improve the quality of the dishes, and work hard and persist for a long time so that they can make tasty and cheap soup.

At the symposium, Qiu Mi said that she would continue to lead the team to overcome difficulties, solidify and improve the achievements of central kitchen and even the various sections of the company, and firmly push the robot restaurant business forward with the requirement of building a century-old restaurant.