The trial production of Qianxi Robot Catering Group's thousands of containerized claypot rice equipment started.

On the afternoon of April 15, the first batch of the containerized thousand units of claypot rice equipment of Qianxi Robot Catering Group vowed to start the trial production at the assembly factory of Qianxi Robot. Qiu Mi, General Manager of Chilisee Group, attended the meeting and gave a speech. Dr. Xiao Ran, Deputy General Manager of Qianxi Group, Dr. Dai Xianglu, Assistant General Manager of Qianxi Group's subsidiary Zhiyuan Technology, and Liang Qin, Executive Director of the factory attended the meeting.

(At the conference)

At the conference, all the staffs of the assembly factory lined up for each module. At the beginning of the conference, all the staff shouted the same slogan: " the first batch of thousands of units, set sail, intelligent catering, Qianxi is the first".

( Speech given by General Manager Qiu Mi)

First of all, Qiu Mi expressed her pride on the start of the thousand sets of containerized claypot rice robot, saying that the rapid development of Qianxi and the arrival of the equipment to the market witnessed the efficient development of Country Garden's technology. She recalled the excellent performance and social recognition of the robot since it was put into the battle against epidemic in Wuhan at the beginning of the year, and was impressed by the high efficiency of the robot starting from scratch to mass production in the past six months.

Qiu Mi said that all the employees are the original founders of Qianxi, and it is hoped that through everyone's hands and efforts, the products of Qianxi will be promoted to the whole country and the world. "Today is the vow conference, but also the welcome ceremony of the new employees!" At the end she excitedly encouraged everyone, "I hope we can all do it together!"

( Liang Qin, the Executive Plant Manager, issued a trial production order )

At the end of the conference, Liang Qin, the Executive Director of the factory, formally announced the order of trial production, and all the employees immediately started to work.

As the first important production project after the establishment of Qianxi Robot Assembly Factory, the trial production plan of 1,000 units of containerized claypot rice robot has been decided. The production line is divided into 10 modules, including cold storage, cooking and warming cabinets etc. All the modules are independently developed by the R&D team of Zhiyuan Technology, a subsidiary of the Qianxi Group, which has submitted dozens of patent applications and completed the production of the whole machine in the factory.

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