23 Home-Made Intelligent Catering Robots Appeared in Guangzhou

(Fang Junming, a reporter from www.wenweipo.com) Fried food, rice in clay pot, coffee, ice cream ... these foods can also be made and done by robots! Qianxi Robot Group subordinate to Country Garden, a company listed in Hong Kong, took part in Guangdong 21st Century Maritime Silk Road International Expo 2020 with 23 home-made self-developed robots, presenting a feast of technology regarding smart food. It is reported that 9 robot restaurants have opened in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area until now, covering Chinese food, hot pot, fast food, rice in clay pot, noodle and other new smart food formats.

「Rescue Hubei to fight the epidemic」“Rice in Clay Pot” (photographed by Fang Junming)

「Presentation in 20s」Hamburg Making Robot (photographed by Fang Junming)

「Rescue Hubei to fight the epidemic」“Rice in Clay Pot” attracted much attention.

23 smart robots are eye-catching in the catering robot exhibition area. In addition to 「Food Drop」Chinese food and hot pot cloud rail system, 「Rescue Hubei to fight the epidemic」Rice in Clay Pot in a container is impressed. It’s reported that, Qianxi Group donated two batches of Rice in Clay Pot in a container to Hubei together with Guoqiang Foundation, to provide 24-hour contactless free hot meal service for medical workers.

Frying Robot (photographed by Fang Junming)

Five Grains Milk Making Robot, Cotton Candy Making Robot, New Ice Cream Making Robot, and other robots appeared for the first time. Container-based Hamburg Making Robot could present a hamburger efficiently in 20s, almost twice as fast as that in the magnate of the fast food field. During the Expo, 16,000 portions of food such as ice cream, coffee, snack, hamburger, and cotton candy made by various robots on the field were provided for visitors to experience for free. It’s amazing.

Chain robot restaurants accelerated their layout in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

It is understood that, as the first one passing the system integrated catering robot CR certification in the Chinese mainland, this robot R&D team now has submitted more than 600 patent applications, independently developed more than 80 kinds of robot equipment and software systems, and won the gold medal of the industrial group in the 2020 Guangdong “Governor's Cup” industrial design awards announced recently. According to Qiu Mi, assistant president of Country Garden Holdings and general manager of Qianxi Group, focusing on independent research & development, Qianxi will develop robots into the carriers for standardization of catering, and form the full industry chain covering production, supply chain, and operation, to promote the upgrading of catering industry and services.

「At present, the company has developed the『5+1』brand-new smart catering industry condition covering Chinese food, hot pot, snack, clay pot, noodle and single-machine equipment; 9 robot restaurants have opened in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area; and about 100 sets of various robot single-machine equipment have been settled and put into operation in the hospitals, business centers, scenic spots, colleges/universities government and enterprise institutions in 10 provinces and cities like Beijing, Jiangxi and Shaanxi. 」Qiu Mi said, based on automatic production line, many types of catering robots have entered the stage of mass production. 「In the future, they will accelerate the layout of chain robot restaurants in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and also exploit and develop the markets in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, Yangtze River Delta, and other major areas」.