Finely crafted to achieve perfection | A visit to the progress of the preparation of the Chinese restaurant of the Qianxi Robot Group Co

In the afternoon of November 10, Qiu Mi, General Manager of Qianxi Robot Catering Group, Yan Weixin, President of the Restaurant Research Institute, and Xiao Ran, Deputy General Manager of the Group, came to the construction site of the Chinese restaurant in Guangzhou to conduct a site visit on the preparation of the Chinese restaurant.

(Experience the ordering system)

Qiu Mi and her team firstly conducted the whole process of understanding and using the restaurant ordering system, made suggestions for optimizing some of the order instructions, and asked the R&D team to consider, design and incorporate as many various customer needs as possible.

(Suggestions for optimizing dishes)

During the process of tasting, the leaders put forward their suggestions on some dishes, and Qiu Mi asked the R&D chef and engineer team to make higher requirements to optimize and improve the quality of some stir-fried dishes, and encouraged the team to work harder to refine their internal skills and actively learn from the outstanding enterprises in the industry.

(Viewing restaurant decoration effect)

(Viewing the commissioning of robotic equipment)

(listening to a presentation on the commissioning of the back kitchen equipment)

After that, Qiu Mi and his team checked the store decoration and equipment operation, conducted inspection and inquiry for the compartment area, kitchen robot equipment, robot interactive device and restaurant interior decoration one by one, and put forward the requirements of optimization and upgrade for individual links.

Before the end of the visit, Qiu Mi encouraged the R & D and O&M staff to overcome the difficulties and make persistent efforts to achieve the goals set by the group and the company.

The first flagship store of the robotic Chinese restaurant developed and operated by Bi You Wei, a subsidiary of Qianxi Robot Group, will be located at Huachenghui Plaza, the core business district of Guangzhou Zhujiang New Town.  With "Robot Chinese Cuisine" as its core, the flagship restaurant will integrate many robotic technologies and intelligent cooking concepts from Qianxi Robot Catering Group to revolutionize the traditional dining experience with the fusion of technology and deliciousness.