"You guard the world, I'll guard your stomach!" The second batch of claypot rice robots heads to Ezhou!

"We're going to make sure our frontline health care personnel have a hot meal at all times!"  On the afternoon of February 28, the second batch of independently developed container cooked rice robots and supplies donated by Country Garden Group through Guoqiang Public Welfare Foundation departed, and will arrive at Ezhou Third Hospital in Hubei on February 29 to provide free 24-hour cooked rice preparation service for medical personnel.

At present, the momentum of the spread of the epidemic has been initially contained, but in Wuhan, Hubei, where the epidemic is most serious, the battle against the epidemic is still at the most critical stage. The medical personnels who continue to fight against the epidemic are concerned by every one.

In this operation, Six commandos were dispatched by Thousand Seals Robotics Group, including Xie Qiangang, Li Junwei, Li Kangshou, Huang Chongdi, Wang Jiejun and Liang Chaodu. We look forward to their successful completion of the mission and their safe return.

The supplies accompanying the vehicle included 10,000 portions of raw materials and packaging materials for the rice casserole.

The donated robot is the same product as the first batch of robots, which can produce 100-120 portions of claypot rice per hour and can make round-the-clock, unmanned and fully automatic meals, which will effectively reduce the risk of infection and alleviate the problem of medical personnel being unable to eat or not eating in time.

On February 16, the first batch of donated, self-developed container claypot rice robots officially operated and served meals, and are still "holding fast" in the isolation point of Hubei Province State-owned College.


Next, according to the actual needs of the front-line epidemic prevention and control, we will continue to rush to provide more claypot rice robot equipment and supporting supplies to provide free hot meals for the front-line medical staff fighting the epidemic.

--The  end--

Typography: Sweet Fruit

Photography: Jia Lun, Zai Ying

Reviewer: Keanu Lee Wensi, Xiaoxia