Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee and Beichen Group visit Qianxi Group

In the afternoon of June 12, Han Zirong, Vice Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics, Li Weidong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Director and General Manager of Beijing Beichen Industry Company Limited (the construction and operation unit of the main stadium and press center of the Winter Olympics) and other parties visited the headquarters of Country Garden Group. Mr. Yang Guoqiang, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Country Garden Group, Mr. Qiu Mi, Assistant President of Country Garden Group and General Manager of Qianxi Catering Robot Group, accompanied the delegation and attended the discussion.

The guests visited FOODOM Skyfall Food Kingdom Robot Restaurant, Bozhilin Robot Experiment Center, Qianxi Robot Assembly Factory and other places, and then had a discussion and exchange.

(Visiting FOODOM Skyfall Food Kingdom Robot Restaurant)

Accompanied by Qiu Mi, Han Zirong and his delegation visited FOODOM Robot Restaurant, listened to the detailed introduction of the robot restaurant and tasted various kinds of food prepared by robots, and highly recognized the high efficiency of non-contact food preparation by robots, as well as the health and hygiene, and the delicious taste of the food.

(Experiencing the cloud rail delivery system in the Chinese restaurant area)

After tasting the garlic broccoli cooked by a wok robot in the Chinese food area, Han Zirong said, "It really doesn't look like it was made by a robot, and it tastes really good."

(Guests experiencing the robot burger)

Yu Debin, head of the Games Service Department of the Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, was impressed with the food in the fast food area, "It's not much different from the fast food items outside. It tastes great".

(Qiu Mi leading guests through the ice-cream robot)

According to Qiu Mi, a variety of single robots to achieve the integration of the process from the storage of raw materials to fully automated unmanned cooking of meals, which has the characteristics of high integration, high efficiency and high stability.

For example, the hamburger robot has a delivery efficiency of 20 seconds per serving; the ice-cream robot has a delivery efficiency of 40 seconds per serving; the self-service steamer achieves intelligent identification and storage, with a delivery efficiency of 12 seconds per serving; the noodle robot is highly flexible, covering an area of only 4m², with a delivery efficiency of 120 servings per hour, and the spherical noodles produced are independently developed by Qianxi Group.

These catering robots can be used in large events, shopping malls, scenic spots, communities and other places where people flow and consumption is concentrated, so that they can easily cope with the peak passenger demand.

(Visiting the robot factory)

Then the hosts and their guests made a visit to the Qianxi Robot Assembly Factory and the Bozhilin Robot Experimental Center. Yang Guoqiang, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Country Garden Group, gave a comprehensive explanation on the research and development, functions of construction robots and the overall development prospects of Country Garden's robotics industry.

(The two sides talked and exchanged ideas)

After the site visit, the two sides had an in-depth discussion and exchange.

Yang expressed his gratitude to the Winter Olympic Organizing Committee and Beichen Industrial Group for the invitation to cooperate. During the visit, he talked about his own struggles and the significance of the development and service philosophy of the Biogreen robotics industry - to be helpful to people and social progress, to value food health and hygiene, and to maintain a sense of awe.

Han Zirong expressed surprise and recognition of the rapid growth of the Group from 0 to 1 in just one year, and expressed strong confidence in the future development of intelligent food and beverage of the Group, expecting the Thousand Seal catering robots to shine in the 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

Li Weidong introduced the second phase of the National Convention Center and the construction of the 2022 Winter Olympic venues, and expressed his deep emotion and recognition of the corporate philosophy and development history of Country Garden, and hoped that both parties would take this opportunity to strengthen cooperation and communication, and work together to serve the Winter Olympic Games.

Qiu Mi introduced the food culture of Shunde to the guests, as well as the development goal of Qianxi Group to perfectly integrate Shunde cuisine with robot cooking.

(Han Zirong presents Winter Olympics mascot gifts to Yang Guoqiang)

Through this site visit and in-depth exchanges, the Winter Olympics Organizing Committee and Beichen Industrial Group have a fuller understanding and recognition of the research and development achievements and catering strength of Country Garden Qianxi Robot Catering Group.

(Group photo of the guests and hosts)