Several Restaurant Group Giants Gathered at QIANXI, What Did They Talk About?

On the morning of July 20, Pan Yuhai, Chairman of Guangdong Restaurant Association and Chairman of Kungfu Restaurant Management Co., Ltd., Tan Haicheng, Executive Chairman of Guangdong Restaurant Association, Cheng Gang, Secretary General of Guangdong Restaurant Association, Li Hongwei, Chairman of Meetrice Restaurant Group, Zeng Haiyin, Chairman of Guangzhou Haiji Restaurant Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., Cao Hong, Founder of Early Bird Brand Strategy Consulting and other parties visited the headquarters of Country Garden and awarded a plaque to QIANXI GROUP as the Vice Chairman of Guangdong Restaurant Association.

Qiu Mi, General Manager of Qianxi Robotics Group, Duan Yao, Deputy General Manager of Qianxi Robotics Group, Xiao Ran, Yang Tingting and Zhou Junhua, accompanied the delegation.

From left to right:

(Cheng Gang, Li Hongwei, Pan Yuhai, Qiu Mi, Tan Haicheng, Zeng Haiyin, Cao Hong)

(Hired Qiu Mi as Vice Chairman of the Guangong Restaurant Association)

The Guangdong Restaurant Association awarded Qianxi Robotics Group as the vice chairman of Guangdong Restaurant Association and hired Qiu Mi as the vice chairman of Guangdong Restaurant Association.

(Guests tasting ice-cream)

Pan Yuhai and his entourage visited FOODOM Robotic Restaurant and Bozhlin Intelligent Manufacturing Factory.

(Experience welcoming robots)

In Robotic Restaurant, Pan Yuhai and his entourage listened to Qiu Mi's introduction of the research and development history, culinary advantages, and development strategies of Robotic Restaurant.

(Guests stop to photograph the cloud track system)

During the tour, guests stopped from time to time to watch the robot cooking process and tasted a variety of food, recognizing and praising the robot's novel appearance, efficient meal preparation, and the taste of the dishes.

(Qiu Mi introducing the wok robot)

The guests, in particular, expressed great interest in the whole Chinese food process intelligence system consisting of a wok robot and a cloud track system, saying, “This double-decker wok robot is comparable to eight chefs!” “This is awesome!”

(Visit the Bozhilin Intelligent Manufacturing Factory)

Afterwards, through a visit to the Bozilin Intelligent Manufacturing Factory, Pan Yuhai and his entourage had a deeper understanding of QIANXI GROUP’s R&D achievements, production capacity, and iterative upgrading efficiency, and spoke highly of them.

(Duan Yao introducing the production of clay pot robot)

(Learn more about the clay pot robot cooking section)

In the robotic workshop, the guests had a close look at the various modules of the clay pot robot and learned more about its R&D, production and operation modes.

At the end of the visit, the guests expressed great recognition and confidence in the robotic equipment of QIANXI catering robot. Mr. Pan Yuhai, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kungfu Restaurant Management Co., Ltd. and Mr. Li Hongwei, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Meetrice Restaurant Group, both expressed their strong willingness to cooperate and hoped that through further strategic cooperation, they would help the development of their restaurant chain stores and jointly open up a new blue ocean for the traditional restaurant industry to bring consumers a better dining experience. It is expected to formally land cooperation stores within this year.