FOODOM robotic Chinese restaurant opens today with ribbon cutting

On the morning of January 12, a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held for the opening of FOODOM Robot Chinese Restaurant of Qianxi Robot Catering Group. Group General Manager Qiu Mi, Group Deputy General Manager and President of Qianxi Research Institute Yan Weixin, Group Deputy General Manager Xiao Ran and Group Deputy General Manager Zhou Junhua attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

At 8:48 a.m., in the presence of all the Chinese restaurant R & D planning and construction and operation staff, the ribbon cutting ceremony guests cut the ribbon and flower clusters to symbolize good luck and good fortune. Instantly, the flowers bloomed and people cheered in unison. The ribbon-cutting ceremony was simple but grand at the same time.

FOODOM Robot Chinese Restaurant is a Chinese restaurant brand developed and operated by the Qianxi Group, and its first flagship store is located in Area B of Huacheng Hui, Huacheng Plaza, the core business district of Guangzhou Zhujiang New Town.

The restaurant has an operating area of over 600 square meters and can accommodate up to 160 people at the same time. The atmosphere of the restaurant is designed with the theme of "Shun Cuisine with Great Beauty", which fully demonstrates the elements of science and technology and smart catering on the basis of the integration of the food culture of Shunde.

The restaurant is equipped with multiple self-developed intelligent equipment, including frying pan robot, double-armed pot rice robot, ground delivery robot, cloud rail system (including cloud rail and AGV carts), bartending robot, dessert station robot, double-armed frying robot, double-armed hamburger robot, etc., all of which are developed independently with core technologies.

In terms of menu, we invited ten famous chefs from Shunde to conduct research and development, and selected dozens of dishes from hundreds of test dishes for customers online. It contains a variety of cooking techniques such as stir-frying, pan-frying, deep-frying, steaming, boiling and stewing. The dishes cover north and south tastes, and are suitable for both young and old, and new dishes will be introduced continuously in the future.

As the first self-developed robot Chinese restaurant in China, it perfectly combines Shunde's famous dishes with robotic cooking methods, and uses the intelligence and speed of robots to put the "skill" and "art" of Shunde cuisine into an intelligent program. The dishes to be launched include both the excellence of the famous chefs of Shunde and the profoundness of Shunde culture.