Live Review|On-Cloud Consumption, “AI Smart Catering” New Trends in Tourism in the Post-Epidemic Era

In the evening of May 25, a seminar on future AI intelligent catering trends in the tourism industry and the inauguration ceremony of the AI intelligent research group for the tourism industry were held at the FOODOM Robot Chinese Restaurant in Guangzhou Huachenghui.

Mr. Zhou Zhihong, Deputy Secretary General of Guangdong Tourism Association and Guangdong Scenic Industry Association, Mr. Zhang Leping, Executive Secretary General of the World Federation of Chinese Cuisine Industry Committee for Cantonese Cuisine, Vice President and Executive Secretary General of Guangdong Cuisine Cultural Exchange Association, Mr. Zhang Leping, Deputy Secretary General of Guangdong Cuisine Association, Ms. Zeng Ying, Deputy Secretary General of Guangdong Tourism Association, Ms. Yang Tingting, Deputy General Manager of Thousand Seals Robot Group Co. Mr. Dai Xianglu, Assistant General Manager of Robotics Research Institute of Limited Company and Dr. Dai Xianglu from Tsinghua University, attended the seminar.

The meeting used a combination of on-site meetings and online live streaming to discuss the tourism industry about the future development of AI intelligent food and beverage, and set up a research group on AI intelligence in the tourism industry. The live seminar was widely recognized by industry insiders, with a cumulative total of 910,000 compliments.

(Dr. Dai Xianglu introduces the Chinese restaurant robot)

Before the seminar began, Dr. Dai Xianglu introduced the features of FOODOM robots in Chinese restaurants, including intelligence, safety without contact, high efficiency, stable production, and the combination of aesthetics and functionality.

(Ms. Yang Tingting addresses the stage)

Ms. Yang Tingting, Deputy General Manager of the company, delivered a speech on stage, introducing the company's business strategy, robot R&D projects and future layout plan of Thousand Seals Robot Group Ltd.

(Mr. Zhou Zhihong made a speech on stage)

To address the issue of how to improve and assist tourism product and format innovation and help tourism enterprises to move towards AI intelligent quality development, Mr. Zhou Zhihong, Secretary General of Guangdong Province Scenic Industry Association and Deputy Secretary General of Guangdong Tourism Association, delivered a speech on stage.

(Scene of the seminar)

At the meeting, discussions were held on the "epidemic-proof online star" claypot rice robot, contactless service robots, "tourism catering + AI" and the one-stop intelligent service of robots.

(Signing Ceremony of the Tourism AI Intelligence Research Group)

After the meeting, Qianxi Robot Catering Group and Guangdong Tourism Association signed a contract and set up a research group of AI intelligence for tourism industry to help promote the deep integration of artificial intelligence technology and tourism enterprises.

It is understood that from May 19, Country Garden Group, Guoqiang Public Welfare Foundation joint social poverty alleviation community to build "Public welfare to buy, buy, buy - 520 I love you consumption poverty alleviation festival", has been held 10 consecutive live activities.

At 8pm on May 25th, FOODOM Robot Restaurant was the venue for the Guangzhou Station, where Thousand Xie Robot Group Co., Ltd. and the Guangdong Tourism Association turned into "live hosts" to promote the products for poverty alleviation, such as Bijia's Fresh Chicken, Bixiang's Potato Cookies and Dongxiang's Embroidery.  

By promoting high quality mountain goods from poor villages through the camera, the live broadcast helped to alleviate poverty, assisted farmers and benefited the public welfare by "cloud", calling the consumers to buy, buy, buy!