The robot restaurant is coming! Qianxi Robot Black Technology Unveiled at Country Garden Group's December Executive Meeting

On the afternoon of December 2, Qianxi Robot Restaurant was unveiled at the December management meeting of Country Garden Group, where the company's general manager Qiu Mi shared the results of the development of the robot restaurant and announced that the robot restaurant will be officially opened.

"Black technology" debuted.

(Real-time voice transcription demonstration)

As soon as the unveiling session began, the mysterious black technology from Qianxi Robot, the artificial intelligence voice transcription system, made its debut. A real-time voice transcription demonstration of the transcription system was shown on the big screen of the venue. The system was built by the voice interaction team from Qianxi Group, and it takes only 0.2 seconds to transcribe text from voice to text in real time, with an accuracy of 95%.

As we all know, the ability of robot voice interaction is very important to the actual operation of a robotic restaurant. First of all, it determines whether the robot can accurately serve the customers who come to the restaurant. The voice transcription system lays a strong foundation for the intelligent customer service of the robot restaurant.

Presentation of results

In her speech at the opening of the robot restaurant, Qiu Mi introduced the origin of the company's name " Qianxi". She especially mentioned that Qianxi Robot Catering Group, as a wholly owned subsidiary of Country Garden, whether in catering or technology, should always remind themselves of the spirit of the heritage of Jade Seal, "we should inherit the spirit of enterprise that is good to people and good to society, use technology to change life, and use the power of technology to continue to innovate and create the most advanced productivity."

Afterwards, the venue's big screen showed three real-life short films of the robotic restaurant equipment.

(Live view of the robot hotpot restaurant)

(Live view inside of robot fast food restaurant)

(Live view of robot Chinese restaurant)

The film shows a number of restaurant robots developed by Qianxi Group, and what is incredible is that it only took 6-7 months to develop these devices.

Qiu Mi said, "Since the company was founded in May, Qianxi has grown from a team of 70 people to 750, and has more than 300 patents, and has created a product line of five different restaurant formats. Over 70 devices were involved in the development of the company from scratch in between. "As of this month, we will have six brick-and-mortar stores open for business."

Immediately afterwards, a special short film about the claypot rice robot was shown on the big screen, which tenderly documented how the robot restaurant was conceived. Through this short film, it was discovered that the robot restaurant is not a cold metal machine, but a consumption scene and experience full of human warmth. The executives who watched the film were moved and even cried.

Qiu Mi mentioned that the robotic claypot rice restaurant has tripled in efficiency under the correction of Yang Guoqiang, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Country Garden Group. In 2020, Qianxi Group will develop and launch more new equipment and upgrade the new dining format.

Thanksgiving and Looking Forward

Qiu Mi expressed her gratitude to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Country Garden Group, Mr. Yang Guoqiang, for his support to the Qianxi Group. She also expressed her gratitude to Mr. Mo Bin, President of Country Garden Group, for his support to the Group. At the same time, she also thanked the colleagues of Bozhilin Robot Valley for their strong support to the production of robotic restaurant equipment.

In addition to expressing her gratitude to the colleagues who have supported and helped Qianxi Robotics Group, Ms. Qiu Mi also said that she would continue to welcome everyone at Country Garden to give objective opinions and help Qianxi grow rapidly.

Qiu Mi said, " we have just started our long journey, and we will face more difficulties in the future, the only way is to run forward fearlessly and with a sense of awe." She concluded by quoting Yang Guoqiang, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Country Garden Group, as a voice for the future of Qianxi, "It's the right time to be born and to bring robot restaurants to all the world!"