Clean in the air, righteousness in the heart, the right way to go | November Staff Meeting Held at Chisun Robotics Group Co.

On the evening of November 14th, the November staff meeting of Qianxi Robot Group was held in Phoenix Cinema. The meeting was themed on "Clean in the Air, Righteousness in the Heart - Promoting Positive Trends, Gathering Positive Energy", and the meeting was held with the theme of "Integrity and Law-abiding" and the signing ceremony of "Commitment to Integrity and Self-discipline". Qiu Mi, General Manager of the Group, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Yan Weixin, Deputy General Manager of the Group, Xiao Ran, Deputy General Manager of the Group, and Yang Tingting, Deputy General Manager of the Group, attended the meeting.

The Publicizing of Integrity and Law Abiding by All

(Watching the corruption-free microfilm "Life is like chess")

The meeting first played the corruption-free microfilm "Life is like chess". Lin Hua, General Manager of the Monitoring Department of the Risk Control and Audit Monitoring Center, gave a lecture on "Business Ethics Risk Case Alert and Internal Control Basics" to the employees present.

(Lin Hua preached the awareness of integrity and law-abiding)

The content of the promotion includes the introduction of relevant cases, coping principles in the face of difficulties and so on, as well as the basic knowledge of internal control and the catering industry enterprises are prone to more risks explained in an easy-to-understand manner.

Staff representatives share their thoughts on integrity

( Wang Jin shares her work harvest and sense of integrity)

Afterwards, Wang Jin, the employee representative of the store development department, shared her work harvest in the company over the past fifteen years and her sense of integrity. She felt very cherished to be able to work with her colleagues here and shared her insights, "Maybe money is important for every person who has not achieved financial freedom, but a person's character and morality means how far you can go in life afterwards."

The Signing of the Commitment of Integrity and Self-Discipline

Then, the meeting was followed by the solemn signing ceremony of "Commitment of Integrity and Self-discipline". General Manager Qiu Mi, 14 subsidiary companies and department heads, all members of the Contract Management Department, all members of the Purchasing Department and all members of the Department of Store Development signed the "Commitment of Integrity and Self-discipline" on the stage respectively.

General Manager Qiu Mi's speech

(Qiu Mi led all employees of Qianxi to read the sunshine declaration)

After reading the sunshine declaration, Qiu Mi shared with everyone the development and growth of the company she experienced after joining Country Garden, and stressed the importance of a deep understanding of "being a sunshine enterprise with conscience and social responsibility", the importance of protecting the company and the importance of guarding beliefs. She also reminded every department head present to protect the team members and to strictly implement the self-discipline of honesty.

Qiu Mi said that every day she could see the rapid growth of all the employees of the Group, and the outside world also saw the rapid growth, the development of change and entrepreneurial passion is touching. Qiu Mi especially shared what Yang Guoqiang, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Baguio Group, said to her, "I am very happy to be able to start a business with a group of you post-80s, post-90s and even post-00s, you have brought me the passion for a new business." In fact, the passion for the struggle is also infected and passed on among every Qianxi employee, Qiu Mi said, "I hope everyone can treat Qianxi as their own home and the business as their own family business."

(Watching the character feature film "My 'Robot' Mom")

At the meeting, the feature film "My ''Robot'' Mom", which reflects the inspirational struggle of the company's research engineers, was played to thank all employees for their hard work. Many colleagues present were deeply moved by the short film showing the struggles of colleagues around them.

"This short film may not have captured everyone, but it has captured the struggle spirit of everyone." Qiu Mi encouraged everyone, saying that she believes that there will be a second curve of the world economy belonging to Country Garden in the future, and that there will be a grand stroke of a thousand seals in this too.

(All watching the movie "The Great Entrepreneur")

At the end of the meeting, all employees took group photos and watched the movie "The Great Entrepreneur".