Country Garden Guoqiang Charity Foundation donated fully self-developed claypot rice robot to Wuhan

On February 13, Guoqiang Charity Foundation donated a containerized rice cooker robot developed by Country Garden to the city of Wuhan. The Foundation's subsidiary, Qianxi Robot Catering Group sent six brave men - Zong Ze, Shao li, Zeng Qiao, Gui Bin, Qing Shan and Xiang Sheng to Wuhan to assist in the installation of the robot. The equipment will be delivered to Wuhan City, Hubei Province, on February 14, at the mobile cabin hospital in Hannan District (Hubei Land And Resources Vocational College) to provide safe and delicious meals for volunteers, medical staff and people in need 24 hours a day.

Many food and catering companies in Wuhan have closed their doors during the epidemic outbreak. In order to minimize the risk of neo-coronary pneumonia infection brought about by human contact, robot technology has become a powerful tool to help fight the epidemic.

The containerize claypot rice robot was independently developed by Qianxi RobotCatering  Group, a subsidiary of Country Garden, and is controlled by a team of Shunde chefs. They've worked together to create thus a robot system that can automatically cook and sell claypot rice.

A claypot rice robot can cook 36 pots at the same time, complete nearly 120 claypot rice in an hour, and can operate 24 hours a day. The order is placed by code scanning, and the whole process of automatic seamless cooking, the whole cooking process is isolated from humans, which can reduce the risk of cross-infection caused by human contact; soup bowls and cutlery are made of disposable packaging material, and the equipment is disinfected and cleaned regularly by engineers.

In this special battle, Country Garden will continue to respond to the call for scientific epidemic prevention, use its own technical advantages, the collection of cutting-edge research and development capabilities to fully support the fight against epidemic in the same box.

Editor: Sweet Fruit

Photography: Jia Lun, Zai Ying

Reviewer: Keanu Lee Wensi, Xiaoxia