Stomach-warming anti-epidemic support | The second batch of pot-cooked rice robots " went to work " in Hubei Ezhou Third Hospital

At noon on February 29, the second batch of pot-cooked rice robots arrived at Ezhou Third Hospital, Hubei's designated hospital for treatment of COVID-19. There were 10,000 portions of raw materials and packaging materials along with the robots. on March 2, when the robots started providing hot meals to medical staff.

Earlier, the first batch of claypot rice robots rushing to the isolation point of Yunnan Land And Resources Vocational College continued to provide meals steadily.

At noon on February 29, the robots arrived in Ezhou, Hubei province, and the team immediately went into the installation and commissioning of the equipment.



After more than ten hours of struggle, the installation and commissioning of the claypot rice robot is complete. On the afternoon of March 1, the claypot rice robot test out of the pot. So far, the second batch of claypot rice robots are in continuous 24-hour operation, providing hot meals for medical personnel and staff near the station.

The claypot rice robots are capable of providing a 24-hour supply of unmanned, automatic meals, producing 100-120 portions of claypot rice per hour, with the entire cooking process isolated from humans to reduce the risk of cross-infection caused by human contact.

The Ezhou Third Hospital, where the claypot rice robot is located, is one of the designated hospitals for the treatment of COVID-19 in Ezhou, which is supported by Guizhou Province. According to the feedback from the medical staff, not only could they eat the hot boiled rice, they could also eat the hometown flavor of Guizhou specialties such as houttuynia cordata, Lao Ganma hot sauce, roxburgh rose juice and spicy chicken.

According to the relevant person in charge of Ezhou Third Hospital, "medical staff have to take care of patients in 24-hour shifts, and with this robot, medical staff can eat Cantonese style claypot rice at any time."

All hands on deck to overcome challenges

"Stomach-warming anti-epidemic support."

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